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Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure by Stephen Dietz


Auditions for Sherlock Holmes at Chatham Community Players are postponed due to weather on Tuesday, Dec 17. Those planning on auditioning may do so this Thursday at the Chatham Library 214 Main Street, Chatham NJ 07928. Auditions will begin at 7pm. You may help expedite the audition process by downloading an audition form from our website and bring it with you already filled out. The sides are also on our website.

Be a part of this thrilling adventure of the greatest detective of all time by auditioning for Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure. The Chatham Community Players will hold open auditions on Monday, December 16th and Tuesday, December 17th at 7:00pm. All auditions will occur at The Chatham Playhouse 23 North Passaic Ave. Production dates are March 7 thru 22, 2014 with rehearsals to beginning mid-January.

Director Gordon Wiener seeks eight actors to fill out his cast. Auditions will start with cold readings from sides provided in small groups.

Download the Audition Form & Sides prior to the auditions.


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson Scene

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - King of Bohemia, Holmes and Dr Watson Scene

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Irene, Holmes, Larrabee, Norton, Marie and Madge Scene

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Moriarity, Sid Prince, Larrabee and Norton Scene

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Irene and Larrabee Scene

Hard copies will also be available at the auditions.


Join Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as they face off against arch-enemy, Professor Moriarty, in the Stephen Dietz story inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The case takes Holmes on a final adventure, which includes kidnapping, numerous disguises, underhand plotting twists and turns and a whole series of clues which even has the super sleuth’s sidekick scratching his head. Will Holmes prevail against the evil mastermind, Professor Moriarty and resist the lure of Irene Adler? With danger lurking around every corner, how can the Bloodhound of Baker Street possibly survive his final adventure?

Character Breakdown

SHERLOCK HOLMES (male, 40 or above, middle-class British accent, lower-class British accent, Irish accent). The iconic detective, brilliant, cocaine-addicted, and hopelessly in love with an unattainable woman. First, he is strung-out and hasn’t seen Dr. Watson in the past six months, since the good doctor married. He injects himself and becomes manic. Later, he is drug-free. DOCTOR WATSON (male, 40 or above, middle-class British accent).Our personable narrator and eager participant in the adventure. PROFESSOR MORIARTY (male, 40 or above, middle or upper class British accent) A brilliant criminal. He lives to see Holmes suffer and die. KING OF BOHEMIA (male, late 20s to late 30s, Germanic accent). With his wedding day approaching, he seeks Holmes’ help in avoiding a national scandal involving the opera diva. The King is suave, handsome, desperate, and a bit of a buffoon. IRENE ADLER (female, 30s or 40s, American accent) Beautiful opera diva from New Jersey; brave, intelligent, and resourceful. JAMES LARRABEE (male, 30s or 40s, middle-class British accent). A crook, a cad, a wanted man. An ambitious Moriarty underling. MADGE LARABEE - (female, 30s or 40s, middle-class British accent, also French accent). Sister to James, she is of similar disposition. A gun moll who can pose as a French maid. SID PRINCE (male, 40s and over, Cockney) – A ‘guns and cudgels man’, a thug with delusions of adequacy, possessing a whimsical sense of humor. Actor will double as Postboy, Clergyman, Policeman, and Young Swiss Man.

The Chatham Players have an open call casting policy. ALL roles are open, none are precast, and everyone is encouraged to audition. Any questions, please call Leslie Reagoso at (973) 769-3886 or email her at