A Man For All Seasons

1978-1979 SEASON


A Man For All Seasons

The Cast

Role Actor
Common Man Donald F. Kent
Sir Thomas More Vincent M. Smith
Richard Rich Arnold Buchiane
Duke of Norfolk Tom Toland
Lady Alice More Elaine Marlowe
Lady Margaret More Eileen Waite
Cardinal Wolsey Peter Kerns
Thomas Cromwell Mike Forney
Signor Chapuys Clement Anzul
William Roper Wade Lewis
King Henry VIII Tom Lyttle
A Woman Madeline Plotkin
Thomas Cranmer H. Jerome Cranmer

Production Team

Production Role
Director Ken Chapin
Production Coordinator Helen Kecskemety
Production Coordinator Phyllis Gillette
Stage Manager Erma Colvin
Stage Manager Mary Cosford
Costume Design Alice Hughes
Costume Design Berkeley Hayes
Costume Design Helen Kecskemety
Costume Design Virginia Kent
Set Design Richard Hennessy
Scenic Artist John McDonough
Lighting Design Richard Hennessy
Sound Design Robert Gillette
Makeup/Wigs Mary Warner

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