One Weekend Only

One Weekend Only is Chatham Community Players’ newest offering - born of the desire to find a dedicated place at the theater for a different kind of production. These shows have smaller casts, smaller sets, and are staged up close to our audiences. The subject matter may be challenging. The humor may be on the dark side. The drama may be intense.

These productions burn bright - but only for a very short time.

Please join us for an evening of theater that may not be for everyone. But if off the beaten path is your cup of tea then this brew is for you.

"One Weekend Only was a special experience ...Gruesome Playground Injuries called for an intimate rehearsal space, but coupled with a smaller production staff and condensed process it just felt like friends meeting to do what we all love to do. I think OWO is a great way to bring attention to works that are impactful, unique, and require great trust inside the rehearsal room, but also within the community." - Brooke Harrsch

The 2023 Series

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Mary’s Wedding