Jersey Voices

2015-2016 SEASON


Jersey Voices (2015)

The Chatham Community Players (CCP) will host its 21st annual Jersey Voices One-Act Festival with four performances between July 31 and August 9. This year’s production will include six original short plays and one original dance piece written by New Jersey playwrights.

From the moment the festival concludes in August, playwrights from all around New Jersey begin to send Chatham Community Players their works. With over 70 playwrights having seen their original one-acts produced on the Chatham stage, audiences have been able to see over 100 plays over 21 years. As it has been over the past few years, the talent pool continues to increase.

“We welcome you to join us as we explore the joys of live, original theatre in The Chatham Playhouse”, said Artistic Director, Bob Lukasik.

Jersey Voices has provided a venue for New Jersey playwrights to showcase their work since 1995. "I’m constantly amazed and excited by the creativity, the resilience, the persistence of the Playwrights of New Jersey whose plays we get to present every summer”, said Producer Bob Denmark.

Each of the following pieces will be performed each night of the festival:

  • A Love Story by Walter Placzek of Matawan. A poignant look at familiar love. This production features Bob and Colleen Grundfest and Jean Habrukowich. Directed by Arnold J. Buchiane of Summit
  • Wendy by John AC Kennedy of Springfield. Remember… from childhood… as real as yesterday. This production features Brad Carrington and Debbie Bernstein. Directed by Joann Scanlon of Chatham
  • I Thought I Liked Girls by Nicole Pandolfo of Gibbstown. Lucy, has some big news for her parents- after 10 years, she is ready to share. This production features Judi Laganga, Steve Gabe and Julie Anne Nolan. Directed by Eric Holgerson of Budd Lake
  • Two Perfect Strangers Meet At The Jet Lag Cafe by Ralph Greco, Jr. of Clifton. At four AM in an all-but-empty Paris café’, two Americans strike up a conversation that, for a moment, distracts each other and leads to a new found kinship. The production features Arnold Buchiane and Chip Prestera. Directed by Kevern Cameron of Hamburg
  • Rodin In Movement by Kimberly Jackson of Newton. A dance piece that explores the stories behind the famous bronze sculptures that Auguste Rodin used in his masterpiece "The Gates of Hell". This production features Ashley McDonnell, Brielle Sutherland, Brittany Barthelemy, Melissa Kaban, Melanie Jackson, Erin Jackson and Daraius Phillips. Directed and Choreographed by Kimberly Jackson of Newton.
  • Gentleman's Pact by Karen JP Howes of Madison. A wry and witty look at fidelity, friendship and 21st century marriage. This production features Liz Royce, Orin Tempkin and Howard Fischer. Directed by Lynn Polan of Chatham
  • Holy Grill by Gary Shaffer of Point Pleasant. A soon to be bride, a nervous groom, and two retired cops asking all the right questions; things could get interesting. This production features Arlene Britt, Jackie Jacobi, Dan Malloy, Lewis Decker and Victor Gallo. Directed by Scott Baird of Rockaway

The Cast

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Production Team

Production Role
Producer Bob Denmark
Artistic Director Robert Lukasik
Production Coordinator Steffi Denmark
Stage Manager Laura Carey
Asst. Stage Manager Pamela Wilczynski
Sound Design Joe DeVico

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