A Christmas Carol

2001-2002 SEASON


A Christmas Carol (2001)

The Cast

Role Actor
Ebenezer Scrooge Alan Semok
Charles Dickens Steve Stubelt
Christmas Present Voltaire Balderrama
Marley, Undertaker Michael Beckwith
Mrs. Dickens, Laundress Joëlle Bochner
Fred, Young Man Scrooge Frank Briamonte
Belle, Scrooge's Niece Amanda Burns
Bob Cratchit Matt Burns
1st Gentleman, Cheevers, Topper Jon DeAngelis
Martha Cratchit, Strange Girl Christina Kirk
Mrs. Cratchit Maria Brodeur
Peter Cratchit Alex McCarty
Mr. Fezziwig, Pawnbroker Paul Rivers
Harriet Cratchit Julia Sann
Tiny Tim, Child Scrooge Dylan Tencic

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Production Team

Production Role
Producer Richard Hennessy
Director Susan Speidel
Musical Director Tom Hoetzl
Production Coordinator Maybelle Cowan-Lincoln
Stage Manager Debby Hennessy
Asst. Stage Manager Anna Smyre Cave
Asst. Stage Manager Pamela Fairley
Scenic Artist Lisa Eberhart
Costume Design Maureen McGrath
Lighting Design Richard Hennessy
Sound Design Steve Stubelt
Props and Set Decoration Letitia Lum
Props and Set Decoration Lee Nordholm
Makeup/Wigs Edith Schenk
Makeup/Wigs Lee Nordholm
Makeup/Wigs Paul Germano