A Christmas Carol

1999-2000 SEASON


The Cast

Role Actor
Ebenezer Scrooge Alan Semok
Charles Dickens Steve Stubelt
Bob Cratchit Matt Burns
1st Gentleman, Cheevers, Topper Tom Drummer
Mrs. Cratchit Julianne DiPietro-Renshaw
2nd Gentleman, Fezziwig, Nutley Andrew Roth
Mrs. Fezziwig, Charwoman Kari A. Schultz

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Production Team

Production Role
Producer Richard Hennessy
Director Susan Speidel
Musical Director David Southerland
Production Coordinator Maybelle Cowan-Lincoln
Stage Manager Debby Hennessy
Asst. Stage Manager Lisa Coard
Set Design Robert Gillette
Scenic Artist John McDonough
Scenic Artist Dean Sickler
Scenic Artist Sandy DeCristofaro
Costume Design Mary Scruggs
Lighting Design Richard Hennessy
Sound Design Chris Anderson
Props and Set Decoration Joëlle Bochner
Props and Set Decoration Letitia Lum
Makeup/Wigs Jim Belcher
Makeup/Wigs Paul Germano
Makeup/Wigs Edith Schenk

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