CIty of Angels

2006-2007 SEASON


City of Angels (2007)

Set against a backdrop of 1940s Hollywood, City of Angels follows the adventures of Stone, a character in a series of best selling detective novels and his author, Stine. Stine is adapting a book for the movies, and Stone has to live his words. When character and author meet, the magic begins. We see the movie scenes in black and white, while the parallel “real life” scenes are played out in glorious Technicolor, with some characters appearing both in “real life” and in Stine’s story!

The Cast

Role Actor
Stine Paul Salvatoriello
Stone Matt Burns
Gabby/Bobby Kathleen Campbell Jackson
Donna/Oolie Julie Waldman-Stiel
Buddy Fidler/Irwin S. Irving David Cantor
Carla Haywood/Alaura Kingsley Karen Cantor
Werner Kreigler/Luther Kingsley/Sonny David Simon
Gerald Pierce/Peter Kingsley/Officer Pasco/Orderly David Gazzo
Avril Raines/Mallory Kingsley Brynn Stanley
Poncho Vargas/Lt. Munoz Ed Carlo
Dr. Mandril/Big Six Howard Fischer
Jimmy Powers Jeffrey Fiorello

Production Team

Production Role
Producer Roy Pancirov
Producer Chris Furlong
Director Susan Speidel
Musical Director Tim Herman
Stage Manager Joëlle Bochner
Asst. Stage Manager Mara Lundstrom Ebert
Asst. Stage Manager Allie Warshaw Shearman
Set Design Joe Hupcey
Scenic Artist Lee Nordholm
Costume Design Fran Harrison
Lighting Design Richard Hennessy
Sound Design Matt Burns
Props and Set Decoration Letitia Lum
Makeup/Wigs Nance Coffaro
Makeup/Wigs Lee Nordholm

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